Friday, September 4, 2015

West Desert Chunky Mittens

West Desert Chunky Mitts

Based on the West Desert Hood by Virginia Catherall of lake.salt.knit

Yarn: Hometown USA in Chicago Charcoal and Wool Ease Thick and Quick Stripes in Hudson Bay

Needles 10.5# you could use 11# if you wanted them a bit bigger along with another repeat.

Cast on 24 (small) or 3 (large) sts.

I found 24 sts to be slightly tight, but with use the mittens stretch. 30 stitches would be good for larger hands or someone who likes more room in their mitt.

Rounds 1-10: *(K1 P1) repeat from * around.
Round 6: Begin working Round 1 of honeycomb pattern.

Honeycomb stitch (worked over 16 rounds):
Round 1: K with MC
Round 2: P with MC
Rounds 3-8: Change to Color A. *(K4, SL2) repeat
from * around
Round 9: K with MC
Round 10: P with MC
Rounds 11-16: Change to Color B. K1, *(SL2, K4)
repeat from * around to last 5 sts. End SL2, K3.

Knit 1.5 pattern repeats (to round 7). BO 4 stitches for the thumb hole. Continue in pattern until round 16.

Then knit the first two rounds of the next pattern. (K around and then P around)

Then for the next 9 (small) 6 (larger) rounds, knit in stockinette stitch.

To decrease is as follows for 24 (SMALL) stitches:

R1 - K2, K2tog around
R2 – K around
R3 - K1, K2tog, around
R4 - K, around
R5 - K2tog around
R 6 - K2tog around

To decrease is as follows for 30 (LARGE) stitches

R1 – k4, k2tog around
R2 – K around
R3 – k3, k2tog around
R4 – K around
R5 – K2, k2tog, around
R6 – K around
R7 – K1, k2tog around

R8 – K around
R9 – K2tog around
R10 – K2tog around

Pull working yarn through remaining stitches and weave in end.

For the thumb:

This part might be kind of tricky, I picked up 6 stitches for my thumb and it’s a little snug, but I am a tight knitter.

Pick up 6 stitches and join in the round on dpns.

Knit 8-10 rounds. Then k2to around to decrease, pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in ends.

If you find any errors, let me know ASAP! Or even if you have suggestions to improve this design.

If you enjoy this pattern, feel free to share with friends, and sell what you make, but please don’t claim as your own.


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