Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Upcoming Event!

If you're in the area...
I’m just posting to let everyone know that my friend Taine Hatch-Rymer and I will be selling handmade items (mostly knit and crochet, but some non-fiber stuff like my popular Harry Potter potion necklaces as well) at the Fond du Lac Recreation’s Holiday Wonder Craft Fair this Saturday, November 3rd. We are pretty sure that the event has a small fee at the door that benefits the Rec. Department, though. If you can’t make it or would rather not pay the cover fee, have no fear! As always, you can visit either of our web sites to access our full product inventory: My inventory can be viewed at ThriftyRedheadCreates.blogspot.com, and Taine’s is available at TaineAHKnits.blogspot.com. Contact us if there’s anything you’d like a price for, or to put a hold on any of our products. And please, share this via email or Facebook posts with anyone you think might be interested: beyond Taine and myself, this event is guaranteed to have lots of wonderful hamdmade gifts available for holiday shopping!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well, Hello There!

Well, once again it has been quite a while since I updated. I apologize for that! I can give one good reason as to why I've been absent... Doctor Who! After Fondue Fest, I started watching it and it kind of consumed my life. Now I'm working on a prototype of a Doctor Who pattern. ;) I'm an officially obsessed Whovian! I'm even going to be the TARDIS for halloween!


(I know I added this a little late, but I did these to accompany my costume!)

Fondue Fest was pretty much a success! I even sold my award-winning hat. It was nice to get rid of some of my inventory. I didn't sell as much as Taine, which is pretty much how it always is. But she also has been knitting way longer than me and also she has like five times the FOs as I do. Paige and Joe and their kiddos came and pretty much hung out with us all day and so did my mom. We had lots of visitors. It was better than the year before where it was just Taine and I alone. Sold a lot of my Harry Potter necklaces. I'll probably make a few more because we're going to be at the November 3rd craft fair out at the fairgrounds!!  Wooty-woot!

I'm not sure if I shared this or not, but my bestestestest friend in the world got engaged this summer and I took their engagement photos this month. I'm so excited about them! I even framed one for myself.

I just love them both to pieces! I had fun doing their photos.

My mom's friend Eve was cleaning out her house and holy crap, she sent over two big bags of yarn and a box full of craft books. SO. MUCH. CRAFTING. SWAG. I haven't decided what I am all making out of it.


On October 11 was our 4 year anniversary, (but we celebrated the 13th) but it was so rainy, we didn't really get to do anything. :( We went to Nakashima with Emily and Dusty. Nakashima is a very, very delicious Japanese restaurant. Sooo tasty! Yummo! We usually go to The Little Farmer which is a local apple orchard and farm open to the public where you can pick your own pumpkins and apples. They even have a petting zoo and hayrides. This year there wasn't a pick your own crop because of the horrible drought we had during this summer. So we finally got to go! We got caramel apples, a pumpkin, and muffins and even a tiny pie. 

Our 4 year anniversary picture with our Pumpkin! We take a photo of us with our pumpkin every year and I frame it. :) We're dorks!

So what did you do this weekend?!