Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Last Few Days

Hello all! I hope this post finds you fabulous. This past week hasn't been overly productive. I've thrifted a little bit, but not much. This weekend we hit a flea market with my family and I found a few things. I'm still trying to get all my projects done for Fondue Fest, but honestly, I'm still working on a simple ribbed scarf because I had to work a lot and mostly because I'm pretty lazy, haha! I still have a lot to do though, and this coming week, I might be able to get stuff done, but the weekend? Oh hellz no. I won't be able to get much of anything done. Friday, we're having a craft night at a friend's house, Saturday we have a cookout at a different friend's house and Sunday we're going to to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with the friend we're crafting with on Friday. This coming weekend will possibly be productive, but probably mostly won't be. Super busy. Tomorrow, I have a photography appointment, and Tuesday I'm just going to veg all day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I work.

Super bust week coming up. Phew! Now onto my finds!

This first batch was what I thrifted locally.

$5.00 at St. Vinnie's. I also found another flash there for $4.00 that I didn't blog about. I used the other one, but it didn't cycle fast enough for me. There was about  30 seconds to a minute between being able to take photos. THIS flash works great, hardly any time between cycling, I love it.

$8.00 at St. Vinnies. They're OWLS! I could not leave this owl tea set there for $8.

$.99 at Goodwill. I've always wanted a sleep mask because I'm a light sleeper. This one is awesome because it has little eye packs that you can freeze and put in the mask itself. Which is great for swollen allergy eyes!

$3.99 At Goodwill. A cute sweatshirt from Old Navy.

$.99 at Goodwill. Stretchy belt.

$2.99 at Goodwill. I needed a new bag to hold all my notions for knitting, this one is definitely big enough.

$2.99 at Goodwill. I love owls. 'Nuff said.

The next collection  of items I procured at Mukwonago Days, which is just a huuuge flea market basically.

5 CDS for $20 - I love some Marilyn Manson - Remix and Repent, Lest We Forget, and Antichrist Superstar.. One of my all-time favorite musical artists. The other two CDs are Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell and Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral.

3 for $5.00. Pretty damn good deal for Burt's Bees.

$1.00 I needed something to hold my hair back.

$12 - Handmade owl earrings. Love them!

The next two photos are from a rummage sale my aunt went to and bought 4 boxes full of yarn and half-finished projects.

I finished the blankets and intend to sell them. I unraveled a few half done projects that I didn't even know what the heck they were.

And you know those hydrangea photos I was going to get framed like, forever ago from this post?

Well, I finally got it framed! Yay! Still not totally sure where it's going to go yet.

I also wanted to share the fact that I got a haircut, but it was not photo-ready today, haha! It was super stringy and greasy since it's no-shower Sunday. So you get a photo of me in a hat. :P You can see how short it is.

Other than what I shared with you, there isn't too much going on. Just still trying to get my projects done. OHHH!! I forgot to share.. I had a bunch of stuff made with my thriftyredhead logo on it. I'm going to wear it at Fondue Fest! I had a coffee mug made, a mousepad, t-shirt, tote bag, and key chain! I also had an owl tote made, because honestly, I couldn't resist! I also had a special rubber stamp made. I can't wait to get everything! Then I can bag and tag what I have made. :)

What are you doing this week to keep busy? Any on-going projects? Any awesome plans?

Keep calm and thrift on, yo! 

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