Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Damn Thrifter

Hello all! I was finally able to get together all of the fabulous stuff I thrifted last weekend and some from today!

Last weekend I went with my family to Maxwell Days in Mukwonago, WI. It's basically a biiig ole flea market. I didn't buy much there, but we did hit a Goodwill on the way home. Which is where I purchased most of this stuff. (Like I really needed any of it!)

Without further ado, here come the fotos! :)

This is a dress I found at the Goodwill we stopped at after Maxwell Days. $4.99, the chest part of the dress doesn't fit, but the rest of the dress does. I figure I'll wear a white or yellow tank top underneath it. I wear tanks tops all the time as undershirts anyway.

$4.99 at the same Goodwill as the first one. This one is a little big in the hips. I can either take it in or just wear as is. I love the daisies!

Same Goodwill as the other two. $3.99

Scored some interlocking fitness mats for $3.99 at that same Goodwill. I don't plan on exercising on them... I plan on blocking knitted creations on them.

Last but not least from that Goodwill, a pretty awesome belt for $.99. But after wearing it once, I know why it was there. It's hard to get off!

I found this sweater at the Goodwill here where I live. I can't remember what I paid for it, but it's super comfy. I'm pretty sure it's a man's sweater, but it looks super cute on.

I scored these three CDs at Salvation army for $1 a piece. Pretty awesome. I do love classical music.

$1.99 at Goodwill. SCORE! I love me some MM.

As you can see, $2.99 from Goodwill. Like I really needed another book... But I do love books so much. I just don't get to read nearly as much as I'd like to. If I can ever figure out a way to read and knit and watch TV all at once I will die happy.

I'm actually not sure what I paid for this one. I got it from my Goodwill here in town, today along with the MM CD and the other book. The clearance sticker is from Borders, I believe so I probably paid only a dollar for it. Either way, it's probably an awesome read.

So those are my finds over the last two weeks-ish.

Tonight I have so many things to do. A friend of mine requested that I sew her some poop pile shaped bean bags for her kids at work. (She's a children's librarian.) Which I'm having some real difficulties with the sewing of these poop sacks. Ugh! Pain in the butt. She owes me! Hear that, E? You owe me, girl!

After I make the poop bags, I have to dye and cut my hair. Jeesh. Too many things to do, not to even mention I have a scarf to finish and two more to start!


This week is going to kill me!

What are YOU doing this week to keep busy?

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