Friday, August 10, 2012

Alto Fair

There is a small fair near my hometown and every year my mom, her friend Eve, and I all enter artistic pieces we create. Mom and Eve do cross-stitching and I usually enter my photography. This year they weren't sure if we were going to enter anything so I didn't prep any of my photos. Then my mom called me on Tuesday and said that they were going to go enter pieces. I was a little miffed because it was so last minute and I had absolutely no photography to enter, and I didn't have time to go have some printed for me. So I decided to enter some of my knitted pieces. Tuesday is when you drop your stuff off and on Thursday you pick it up. Well, I wasn't able to go either night, which to be honest, ticked me off. I had to close almost all week. I was not impressed. So I came home at quarter to midnight last night to find out how I placed...

Special merit! Woohoo!

Mom and Eve were super jealous. They've been trying to get one of these since they started entering their pieces! The first time I enter knitting... Ha! I did pretty good. I usually do pretty good. Although last year was terrible because the judges were suuuper picky. But this year, I killed it!

I'm actually pretty stoked. :)

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