Thursday, June 21, 2012

Raccoon Hat - Free Pattern

Raccoon Hat – A ThriftyRedhead Design!

Yarn: Alpaca Love in Cobblestone and Sensations Black worsted wool.
Needles: 8 circs

Cast on 80 stitches, join in round being careful not to twist, place marker to note beginning of round.

·          Knit 6 rows of k2, p2
·          10 more rows of the grey in stockinette
·          Switch to black, knit 12 rows in stockinette
·          Switch back to grey and knit 5 rounds and then begin decreases:
o         K8, k2tog
o         Knit
o         K7, k2tog
o         Knit
o         K6, k2tog
o         Knit
o         K5, k2tog
o         Knit
o         K4, K2tog
o         Knit
o         K3, K2tog
o         Knit
o         K2, k2tog
o         Knit
o         K1, k2tog
o         Knit
o         K2tog around
o         K2og around

Pull yarn through remaining stitches cinch and weave in ends.

Add buttons for eyes and nose!

Make 4 pom poms.

1 large gray, 1 smaller black, 1 even smaller gray, and 1 tiny black.

You could either affix them to the back of the hat as I did, or run yarn through them and string them from the back of a hat kinda like a Davey Crockett look.

For the ears, pick up 6 stitches - knit 4 rows garter and then ssk, knit to last 2 , k2tog, repeat last row one more time and then bind off last 2 stitches. (Borrowed with permission from kstefx on ravelry)

If you find any errors, let me know ASAP! Or even if you have suggestions to improve this design.

If you enjoy this pattern, feel free to share with friends, and sell what you make, but please don’t claim as your own.



  1. love this hat and so glad you shared it. thanks.

  2. I recently made this hat, for no one, but the pattern is so cute! Thanks.

  3. A question about attaching the ears. Are they attached in line with the center of the top of hat or behind?

    1. You could do either, but I attached to behind the center.