Thursday, June 14, 2012

Willing And Able

 I'm finally able to update here! Yay! I updated my other blog first, since I figured it would take quite a while, and, it did! Go take a peek-sie! ThriftyRedhead Creates! Right now it just has my knitting projects on there, but I will update with my jewelry, stitch markers, embroidery, and fabric crafts, like my hair clips. 

But for now, I will share with you my thrifty finds!

I got a glasses chain for my cat eye glasses I have for $.50 from St. Vincent de Paul. (I didn't take a picture of it.)

A pretty darn rad 70's wallet. $1 from St. Vincent de Paul.

Two zipper pouches I got from St. Vincent de Paul. One was $.50 and the other was $.25 The red one keeps my business cards  and the pink one holds my change and some discount cards from random stores.

A cute little mushroom canister from Goodwill. I can't remember how much I paid.

A cute floral kitty from Goodwill. $3.99. A little pricey for what it really is, but it was so cute, I couldn't leave it!

A beautiful frame from Goodwill that was never used for $1.00.

A book from Goodwill for $.85.

That's all my thrifty finds for today! Be sure to go check out all my handmade creations on ThriftyRedhead Creates!

What are your thrifty finds this week?!

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