Saturday, May 28, 2011

Newest Additions!

Hallo there! It's been a little while since my last update.

It seems I've given up on knitting! Ha! I have about 4 or 5 projects in limbo as I type this. Poor little guys. Maybe I'll knit a bit tomorrow.
I've mostly been kinda veggin' out and not doing much, but I started a new craft adventure... flower hair clips! (Photos to follow!)

I have also been embroidering too. After I finished my last piece I gave it a rest for a few days. 

I've been thrifting. Not much, but I got a few things. Mostly fabric and buttons. I bought a few CDs, mostly for my mom. A few for myself also.

Dvorak Legends: The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrea Bocelli - Amore
Monteverdi Vespers of 1610
In Cena Domini - Gregorian Chant

I have only listened to one and it's pretty awesome. I'm hoping the other three are just as good. I like a lot of odd music.

I have become a total coffee addict. My favorite is Berres Brothers Highland Grogg. It is so good! I tried Kahlua coffee today. It was Mocha flavored. It was pretty good, but I still prefer BB. Packer Perc from BB is pretty awesome too! They sell little packets of the coffee for you to try at like Wal*Mart, Piggly Wiggly and Pick N Save. The Kahlua was from TJ Maxx. I also tried Steep N Brew flavored coffee. Vanilla Almond was amazing! I highly recommend any of these coffees if you are a coffee drinker.

So.. I found this tutorial online for no-heat curls. I dye my hair so much, if I use my curling iron it totally fries my ends. And I love having curly hair, it's just time consuming to do and so damaging to my locks. So, I tried it. Oh mah goodness! Worked swimmingly!


I absolutely love this technique! I even love the style it is when it's up in the headband. I don' think I'll ever have straight hair again! Haha!

Well, now I'm going to drown you with photos of my newest embroidery pieces!



I love this one!

Plus, a WIP.

Okay, maybe not so much drown as... drizzle.

Okay, so I want opinions..
Do you think I should do themed posts? Or on certain days post certain things? I need to spruce this ol' blog up!

Shoot some ideers my way!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Helloooo Again!!

Well looks, like it's about that time again!

I haven't thrifted much lately. Bought a shirt and a bunch of embroidery hoops and various fabrics. And lots more CDs. And a bundle of knitting needles. (You know, because I TOTES need more of those.) I didn't take photos of any of my finds, but I assure you the CDs are awesomesauce.

I've kept on with the embroidery and I will show you my newest pieces. I finally finished that one fun fur scarf and I started on the next one. Again, with the photos.

Black fun fur scarf!!!! It's for sale if anyone is interested!

A cute knitting brooch I made. I actually knitted with those toothpicks. It was very hard! But it's a pretty sweet little doohickey. 

My second embroidery piece. Lyrics from an Iron and Wine song. Love and Some Verses I believe is the song. He is an indie folk rock/acoustic artist. If you're not familiar with him, you should be.

A Matryoshka doll for my BFF.

Made this for my mom on Mother's Day.

My latest creation. Used yarn and real knitting needles. Filled with a bit of poly fil from an old pillow. The needles were thrifted needles.

And my friends, that's it for this entry.

Keep Calm and Thrift On.
TR, out!