Thursday, December 23, 2010


After restarting this scarf THREE times I am finally done with it. It's curled up like cheap bacon at the moment, so I won't post a photo of it yet. I'm going to steam block it and then we'll see what it looks like.

I also made two more Harry Potter potion necklaces.

The Phoenix Tears necklace is for my mom and the Amortentia is just for sale.

I have to get more supplies if I am to make more, I have one chain left, so I'll have to get more. I'll probably be heading to Oshkosh next week sometime, so I'll be able to get more chains and charms.

I forgot to take a photo of my mom's friend's neck warmer I made, so here it is a little late!

Perty, huh?

Anyway, I just wanted to update ya'll.

Have a good Christmas.

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