Friday, December 17, 2010

Been A While

Jeesh, it's been quite a while since I've updated.

Let me start off by saying I AM NOW A COLLEGE GRADUATE! YIPPEE!!! I can now get a *real* job.

Let's see, I haven't thrifted too much lately. Been working on getting done with school.

I think the last thing I thrifted was like a red cardigan frocky thing. (Photos to follow.)

Looks sorta dorky on the hanger and probably is dorky looking on me, but it's comfy.

This is another thing I thrifted for $.29.

A teeny tiny sewing machine.
I've mostly been just working and focusing on school. Now all I have to do is buy review books and take my state licensing test and I will get a job. Woo for real life, right?

Anyway, I'm knitting more. I made two neckwarmers for people for Christmas. I only have photos of one because well, I'm sorta dumb and forgot to take pictures of the other one.

The other one is baby blue and ribbed. Super pretty.

Otherwise I've been working on my Christmas Scarf. Here. I had to frog it twice and I ended up making it super wide when I started over. It's taking forever and I hate it.

I'm currently reading Stiff by Mary Roach, it's an excellent book. Give it a go if it looks like something you'd enjoy.

Also, I just want to share teh cutes; that owl hat I made for Chase? He finally got it.

Isn't he adorable?

Anyway, hopefully more thrifting is in my future. Oh I forgot, I bought some material too, but I'll have to post that tomorrow night. I have to get to bed since I have to be up at 5:15-5:30am.

G'night yall.

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