Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Handmade II

So, I finally got around to using those old sweaters I had bought.

Sweater boots! (Yes, I realize one is longer than the other. I'm still learning, cut me some slack.)

Hat and mittens!
These (obviously) are from the same sweater. You might remember This Sweater from an earlier post. And for the boots, you might remember These Shoes from an earlier post also.

A cardigan I made! You might remember This Sweater from an earlier post. I just cut it down the middle and made a cardigan out of it. I didn't put buttonholes or buttons or anything  on it since 95% of the time I don't button my cardis.

 I made a hat for my dear friend, Tracey. This is to match her daughter's hat.

Tracey's daughter, Gabbi.

This is a little owl I made out of felt and pieces of a tie. I plan on putting this on a sweater to embellish it. 

I made another neck warmer thing. Although, I made it pretty wide, like almost too wide, but it still works.

I got the super dork face going on there.

I also want to share what I thrifted last week, as I forgot to post. (Oops!)
$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul. NAVY cowboy boots! NAVY!

$1.99; Goodwill. It's a little candle thingy.

$.49; Goodwill. It is an Avon perfume powder bottle. I dumped out the powder, as it stunk like butt.

$.75; St. Vincent de Paul. I hate this yarn.

$1.00; St. Vincent de Paul. I hate this yarn also. But as you can see, I'm knitting something with it.
I just wanted to quick put up my finds. :)

I also just wanted to share the fact that I love Fall!

That is all! Have a good day!


  1. I love your fall picture! Also like you sweater boots. I don't think I would have even noticed they were different lengths without you saying anything.

  2. Did you futz around with your mitten and hat assembly methods at all? I can't tell from your picture :(

  3. No I didn't. I just did a different way of cutting the mittens and a different way of cutting the hat.