Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Finds! (10-21-10)

So my dad and I went thrifting today. Yay!!! He's always my thrift buddy. We hit all three of them in my town today.

First we went to St. Vincent de Paul:

$.75 a piece, The Zahn Trilogy.

$3.00; a Margeline Bastine bird lamp thingy. I bought this for my mom. That's her favorite artist and she loves birds. (My cat makes a lovely backdrop.)

$3.00; an owl necklace. The eyes are missing beads, I believe. But that's okay.. I fixed them.
(See the after below)

I filled in the eyes with black nail polish.

On to Salvation Army finds! I didn't find anything at Goodwill this time. Salvation Army was running a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" on everything.



FREE!!A mason jar. (My cat makes a lovely backdrop.. ha!)

$.20 each; 2 ceramic thimbles.

$2.00; for my cabaret costume this year!
That's all for this bag or schwag. I'm actually super excited about the owl pendant and my thimbles.

Oh and just to show you, I probably didn't need the books I bought:

Honestly, this is about half of the books I have... I have like three boxes full in the basement. Hahaha!

Taine brought over some old sleep pants and sleep shorts that she had. I might use some as fabric, and some I might wear! And she brought me some jewelry from Cuba. Check out the awesomeness!

Anyway.. have a suuuuper duper night! I'll be at work tonight. Blegh!

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  1. My mom has an owel necklace kind of like that (the shape and stomach are the same, but it's got a little tweek) and it was my grandmas. I always loved it myself. :)