Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifted and Crafted!

So I have some thrifty items and some crafty items.

Thrifty first:

$1.00; St. Vincent de Paul in Oshkosh. 
I'm just learning how to knit. I'd like to make a bad ass slouchy hat. (See end of post)

$.94; Goodwill in Fond du Lac.
A book called "Massive." In order to read this, I need to finish that stupid "Bodies" book I'm reading.

I don't recall where I got this, as it's an older find, but I just had to share with you how fantastic this recipe book is.

This is the BEST recipe in the whole book. Period. Make it.

Slouchy Hat:
My friend made this slouchy hat. I love iiiiiit!
Anyway.. on to the crafty business..

I made headbands out of old ties. I took the skinny ends and braided them together and hot glued them to plastic headbands.

This is what I did with the ends:
With the excess, I covered the naked ends and glued them in place on the inside and then wrapped a black ribbon around the raw edges.
This is just to show you how they look. You can wear them to push all of your hair back, but I look like a total geekface with my hair pulled back, so I usually just wear them like this.
The skinny pieces of the ties came from a tie skirt I've been in the process of finishing. It's still not done and I started it in the summer.  :/

Anyway, just wanted to show you what I all found and made this week. Enjoy!

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