Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have been a sewing machine today. Let me show you:

The square thing is a rice bag that you can heat up in the microwave, so is the long red one, the fat red one and the blue one with the button. The blue pone with a button is actually one that goes over your eyes and you can cinch it in the back. It's kind of crappily made, but it's for my personal use, so I guess I don't really care too much.

The pile of random things are catnip filled cat toys.

The little square with the button is a tampon satchel. (It had ducks on it.. hahaha!)

After I posted this entry, I continued to sew.

You know you're sewing TOO furiously when you snap your needle into three separate, but very sharp, pieces. Oops.

But, I managed to get what I wanted done, with the help of my Jedi of Sewing mother.

Anywhoo.. these are what I was working on:

I made headbands out of old ties!!!!
What do you think? Do they look good? Do they look dumb? What can I improve?

Any feedback would be phenomenal!

TR, signing off!


  1. You should make a skirt out of old ties!

  2. I did that already, but it's not totally finished yet, so no one has really seen it.