Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hodge Podge (Picture heavy)

So this pretty much a hodge podge of the last few weeks. Please don't mind my pajamie pants.

First and foremost...
IIIIIIIII got a sewing machine!!!!!
$15.00 at Salvation Army.
:D I am so excited, you don't even know.

$2.00; St Vincent de Paul
This is for crafting monster hats out of. Or owl hats. Whatevs.

$3.00; St. Vincent de Paul
Okay, I'm being a freaky dork. I was just geeking out because the coat shrunk because the shell was wool but the inside was like acrylic, so it's sorta goofy. This is going to be used for hats or possibly boots.

$2.00; Salvation Army
I think I want to hem this coat, just because I feel it's a tad long. Also, it kind of makes me look like the Deathstar... what can we do to make this A. more flattering and B. just better looking in general?

$1.00; Goodwill.
A cute little mirror thingy. I think it's one of those trays you put your fragrances on. I got my derp face on. :D Also, don't mind my deformed dog down there sniffing my bag o' goodies.

$2.00; Salvation Army
Just a plaid suit coat that I love, but it seems to lay funny, so I might pop another button or two on that sum biatch.

My own coat. This was my hunting jacket from when I still hunted and fished. I plan to make stuff out this too. Boots, mittens or a hat perhaps.

$1.00; Salvation Army
These are going to be the base for one of my sweater/coat boots.

$1.00; Salvation Army
I just bought these because they are super cute. One is bigger than the other though. I have to stretch them out a bit.

If there are any cute ideas you have for these pieces, please, please, please let me know. I LOVE input and other ideas. :)

Also, just let me know what you think of the pieces, my blog, my photos, anything! I love to hear from you!

What have YOU thrifted this week?

Oh.. and just for good measure:

I'm a freak, but I'm not dangerous.

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