Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifted and Crafted!

So I have some thrifty items and some crafty items.

Thrifty first:

$1.00; St. Vincent de Paul in Oshkosh. 
I'm just learning how to knit. I'd like to make a bad ass slouchy hat. (See end of post)

$.94; Goodwill in Fond du Lac.
A book called "Massive." In order to read this, I need to finish that stupid "Bodies" book I'm reading.

I don't recall where I got this, as it's an older find, but I just had to share with you how fantastic this recipe book is.

This is the BEST recipe in the whole book. Period. Make it.

Slouchy Hat:
My friend made this slouchy hat. I love iiiiiit!
Anyway.. on to the crafty business..

I made headbands out of old ties. I took the skinny ends and braided them together and hot glued them to plastic headbands.

This is what I did with the ends:
With the excess, I covered the naked ends and glued them in place on the inside and then wrapped a black ribbon around the raw edges.
This is just to show you how they look. You can wear them to push all of your hair back, but I look like a total geekface with my hair pulled back, so I usually just wear them like this.
The skinny pieces of the ties came from a tie skirt I've been in the process of finishing. It's still not done and I started it in the summer.  :/

Anyway, just wanted to show you what I all found and made this week. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Finds! (10-21-10)

So my dad and I went thrifting today. Yay!!! He's always my thrift buddy. We hit all three of them in my town today.

First we went to St. Vincent de Paul:

$.75 a piece, The Zahn Trilogy.

$3.00; a Margeline Bastine bird lamp thingy. I bought this for my mom. That's her favorite artist and she loves birds. (My cat makes a lovely backdrop.)

$3.00; an owl necklace. The eyes are missing beads, I believe. But that's okay.. I fixed them.
(See the after below)

I filled in the eyes with black nail polish.

On to Salvation Army finds! I didn't find anything at Goodwill this time. Salvation Army was running a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" on everything.



FREE!!A mason jar. (My cat makes a lovely backdrop.. ha!)

$.20 each; 2 ceramic thimbles.

$2.00; for my cabaret costume this year!
That's all for this bag or schwag. I'm actually super excited about the owl pendant and my thimbles.

Oh and just to show you, I probably didn't need the books I bought:

Honestly, this is about half of the books I have... I have like three boxes full in the basement. Hahaha!

Taine brought over some old sleep pants and sleep shorts that she had. I might use some as fabric, and some I might wear! And she brought me some jewelry from Cuba. Check out the awesomeness!

Anyway.. have a suuuuper duper night! I'll be at work tonight. Blegh!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have been a sewing machine today. Let me show you:

The square thing is a rice bag that you can heat up in the microwave, so is the long red one, the fat red one and the blue one with the button. The blue pone with a button is actually one that goes over your eyes and you can cinch it in the back. It's kind of crappily made, but it's for my personal use, so I guess I don't really care too much.

The pile of random things are catnip filled cat toys.

The little square with the button is a tampon satchel. (It had ducks on it.. hahaha!)

After I posted this entry, I continued to sew.

You know you're sewing TOO furiously when you snap your needle into three separate, but very sharp, pieces. Oops.

But, I managed to get what I wanted done, with the help of my Jedi of Sewing mother.

Anywhoo.. these are what I was working on:

I made headbands out of old ties!!!!
What do you think? Do they look good? Do they look dumb? What can I improve?

Any feedback would be phenomenal!

TR, signing off!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Costume finds! (Photo Heavy)

If you know me at all, you know that I loooove Halloween. I was super bummed this year because I had planned to be a sexy Darth Vader with a corset and everything, but I just didn't have time to make one. Or the funds. (That brocade is really expensive!) So I went hunting at Goodwill in my town and didn't find much the first time. Went to Oshkosh's Goodwill and I had it narrowed down to two. I was gonna buy this really unflattering "prom/homecoming" dress and go as Catelynn from Teen Mom (since I have a little extra around the middle, I figured I could pull it off!) Instead I found this sequined monstrosity! For only $4.99!!!

I'm fairly sure this was a dance team or tap dancing outfit at one point. But NOW! It's a Cabaret outfit! 

I found a super cute top hat at claire's for like pfft.. $11.99 I really didn't want to spend that on something I am going to wear once. So I decided to make my own.

I used a 12 ounce coffee cup from Kwik Trip. It was win-win because I got a pumpkin spice cappuccino! It was so tasty! Anyway, I also bought some satin, and the gold band and the feathers from JoAnn Fabrics. The base is an old scratched up CD that won't play. And I hot glued it, as you can see, to a clear head band. I accidentally melted the black one I had. I didn't think I had another black one, so I used a clear one. Well.... as I was cleaning off my bed, I found a black one. Urrgh! Oh well, the clear works too.

I used these two tutorials I found on YouTube:

Just what the hat looks like on up close.
$2.99; Goodwill 
These were from my second trip to Goodwill in my town this weekend. I decided I was going to paint them to match my outfit. This is the before.

And the after:

And if you look closely, you can see I painted the little dots in the black. The devil is in the details, my friends. :)

And now, I just want to show the complete costume all pulled together:
Ta dahhhhhhhhhh! Ignore mah thunder thighs, lol.

And to just add more hilarity to this post, I want to share with you how much of a disaster area my room is.
It's like my my room threw up all over itself.
And you see how my bed is all full of crap and various bags of stuff?

Look where it all is now:

It just ended up on my sewing machine cabinet, lol.

Anyway, it's getting super late. I just wanted to quick update everyone. It's still hard with Howie gone, I have his blanket that I sleep with. It still smells like him. :(

Also, I just want to share a nice photo from our two year anniversary two weekends ago.

We had a good time, well as much as we could. Our anniversary is October 11, which was a Monday, but we celebrated the 9th because I have class on Mondays and James works. And the 9th is when Howie was put down. It was a rough day.

We went to The Little Farmer and picked out a pumpkin, bought caramel apples and muffins and pies! It's such a cute little place. That's what we did on our first date, so we do that every year for our anniversary now. :) After that James took me AND my parents out for mexican food at La Tapitia. It was delicious. He's a keeper I think. Just need to talk him into marrying me now!

Anyhow, I just thought I'd quick update everyone! I hope you have a super day!

This is the ThriftyRedhead signing off!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not Red Anymore!

I got my hair cut, and I dyed it a brown, but you can still kind of see the red in it.

It's still going to stay "ThriftyRedhead"  I just won't have AS red of hair, lol. Anywhay, I thought I'd update quick. :D

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thrifted! Friday October 8, 2010

I think this was from Friday. It was either Friday or Thursday.

$9.99; Goodwill
A Kenmore sewing machine!!! So, now I have two sewing machines. One in a cabinet and one portable!

I'm so excited!

On a more somber note, we found a resting place for Howie's collar.

:( I miss him so much!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Little Howie

This is our little dog, Howie.
At 9:30 this morning, we had to put him down. He is now in doggie heaven and in no more pain. He was pretty much the best dog ever. Luckily, I have the greatest boyfriend ever, and he came with me to the vet clinic.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hodge Podge (Picture heavy)

So this pretty much a hodge podge of the last few weeks. Please don't mind my pajamie pants.

First and foremost...
IIIIIIIII got a sewing machine!!!!!
$15.00 at Salvation Army.
:D I am so excited, you don't even know.

$2.00; St Vincent de Paul
This is for crafting monster hats out of. Or owl hats. Whatevs.

$3.00; St. Vincent de Paul
Okay, I'm being a freaky dork. I was just geeking out because the coat shrunk because the shell was wool but the inside was like acrylic, so it's sorta goofy. This is going to be used for hats or possibly boots.

$2.00; Salvation Army
I think I want to hem this coat, just because I feel it's a tad long. Also, it kind of makes me look like the Deathstar... what can we do to make this A. more flattering and B. just better looking in general?

$1.00; Goodwill.
A cute little mirror thingy. I think it's one of those trays you put your fragrances on. I got my derp face on. :D Also, don't mind my deformed dog down there sniffing my bag o' goodies.

$2.00; Salvation Army
Just a plaid suit coat that I love, but it seems to lay funny, so I might pop another button or two on that sum biatch.

My own coat. This was my hunting jacket from when I still hunted and fished. I plan to make stuff out this too. Boots, mittens or a hat perhaps.

$1.00; Salvation Army
These are going to be the base for one of my sweater/coat boots.

$1.00; Salvation Army
I just bought these because they are super cute. One is bigger than the other though. I have to stretch them out a bit.

If there are any cute ideas you have for these pieces, please, please, please let me know. I LOVE input and other ideas. :)

Also, just let me know what you think of the pieces, my blog, my photos, anything! I love to hear from you!

What have YOU thrifted this week?

Oh.. and just for good measure:

I'm a freak, but I'm not dangerous.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm an "auntie" again!!!

Congrats to Tracey and Ben on their beautiful new little girl, Gabriella Marie. She was 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 19 inches long. She looks mostly like her daddy, but momma is in there too!