Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday September 8, 2010

So we thrifted a little bit today. I had to go buy a new watch with a plastic band because I destroyed YET another leather band.

All items are from Goodwill today! :)

 $3.99; fall colored shirt with leaves on it.
I actually bought this for my mom. We are going to share it.
(Ignore my stupid face.)

$6.99; brown leather cowboy boots. Love these. To replace my old ones that are just about dead. (Ignore my 'tard face.)

I just wanted to quick throw up the photos of the detail on the boots! :)

$3.99; cream colored "vintagey" top from Old Navy.
I love love LOVE this top. :)

That's all for this bag of thriftyness!


  1. That vintagey top is super cute. Also, we wouldn't have to "ignore your tard face," as you so delicately put it, if you just took a picture of the boots from your knees down. Also, you could show off more detail on the boots that way too.

  2. I love the old navy top! It's super cute!