Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday September 1, 2010

So.. we went to some thrift shops yesterday. I bought some cool stuff. :D
But please, please PLEASE ignore my gross hair. It needs to be dirty for me to dye it.
I bought some other stuff that I didn't post, but I can just tell you what they are..

I bought some wind pants for $.50 at Salvation Army, and $1.00 pair of dress capris for work at Salvation Army. I also bought some white knee high boots from Good will for $4.99. The boots are for my INFECTION! Second Annual Oshkosh Zombie Walk.  INFECTION! Official Facebook Event Page I'm going to be a zombie Princess Leia, so I needed white boots, lol. Goodwill has all their Halloween stuff out already. They have like super vintage-y stuff, like from the 60's and the 70's. That's like... blasphemy. You can't do that!! Those garments need to be saaaaaved! I absolutely LOVE vintage clothing. As if you couldn't already tell. I might go back and buy various pieces of vintage goodness.

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul.
An old man sweater from Sears from like the late 70's I'd have to say.

$1.00; Salvation Army.
Cute sweater purse. I'm going to use this for the winter.

$1.00; Salvation Army.
A cute floral "dressy" skirt. I'll probably wear it all the time though.

$1.00; Salvation Army.
Just a cute pair of bermuda shorts with cute colors. :)

Anywhoos. This is it for this thrifty bag of swag. :D

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