Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrifted (The Last Two Weeks)

I don't have the exact dates of some of the purchases, seeing as this is my first post. But I will try to remember or write down the dates.

The first bag of swag is from Atomic Katz vintage store. Their link: Atomic Katz

All of the items bought were $5 a piece.

A red jacket made of what I'm assuming is polyester.

 A brown, yellow and orange patterned polyester tank top.

Ignore my terribly white stomach. A skirt made out of a cotton blend, I believe. There is no tag, so I don't exactly know what it's made of.

 This is my favorite. A polyester lime green and white polka dotted sweater.

That's all for this haul of thriftyness.

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  1. The red coat is begging for a white ruffle-front shirt and a wool navy blue pencil skirt, the sweet 70s-looking tee looks like it'd go great with a pair of brown pants, the skirt looks.. kind of awkward? And that green sweater needs to be paired with a vintage swim suit such as this one: