Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Trip

This is from a trip to surrounding cities' thrift stores.

Not sure where everything is from, but I do have some prices that I paid.

But please, do ignore the ugly faces I make.

 $3.00; St. Vincent de Paul
A blue polyester, rayon and cotton blend zip up sweatshirt. I know it looks kinda big, but it's super comfy.
Price unknown. Place unknown.
A brown argyle sweater made of acrylic and wool. I love this sweater!!

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul
It's floooooorall!!! I love floral patterns. I don't have any cute shirts/tops to wear with it, so I usually pair my skirts with t-shirts. (Even if they don't match.)

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul.
A blue floral skirt. Not sure of the materials, was no tag. Super comfy and light-weight though.

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul.
A rayon floral skirt. Super comfy.

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul
A blue rayon floral skirt with a slit up the side. Another super comfy skirt.

$2.00; St. Vincent De Paul
I know absolutely nothing about this skirt save for the fact it's green and a little stiff.

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul
I know nothing about this skirt either. No tags. Also a little stiff.

Price unkown. Place: Goodwill.
An Old Navy dress. It's sooo comfy. I love this dress.

$4.99; Goodwill.
A button up blue plaid dress with matching sash. My boobs are a tad large, but I planned on wearing a tank top underneath it anyway.

And finally:

$2.00; St. Vincent de Paul.
This was supposed to be a larger size.. well, it's not. I couldn't even get it up over my thunder thighs. So, I want to make something cute out of it that ISN'T a purse. I have about a million purses.

SO! What can I do with this skirt? What can, or should I make out of it?

That's all for this bag of thriftyness. :)

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  1. The second to last dress? Blue plaid? Awesome! I love it, it's super cute, and judging from the picture, it's VERY flattering on you. Nice score!